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Vesna Krasnec

Vesna Krasnec has managed to radiate the originality of her image through various influences.


Especially at a time when originality has become a key criterion in contemporary art, the artist shows us that originality does not have to be superficial or even speculative because it shows us in her painting her own way to a deeply felt statement, without that art the iconic painting of the Eastern Church, the formal language of Modigliani and Frida Kahlo, as well as Gothic bookmaking, are among the arts that have shaped their artistic development.


Vesna Krasnec is far from today's usual attitude to want to be modern in the art scene, knowing that everything contemporary and recent are only short-lived. What is modern today will no longer be tomorrow. Why should one be modern at all? It is only for our artist that her work retains that authenticity, which is the characteristic of an art which originates in the center of the person.


Each of her paintings is a window to a world of relationships: between man and beast, between man and plants, between mother earth and her children. The viewer finds a world in which man as a seeker has, as it were, found his goal in the Garden of Eden. In this garden we again discover our lost innocence.


"Through her distinctive character and her strong compositions, Vesna Krasnec is able to communicate her image ideally, with conviction and in an impressive way, to the people".

                                                                                                         Michael Fuchs

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