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Supantono Suwarno

Curriculum Vitae

Name: Supantono

Place/Date of Birth: Yogyakarta, April 18th  1964

The artist, Supantono an artist who studied at the SSRI / SMSR (Art) in Yogyakarta and ever attended D3 PPP Teachers Yogyakarta Arts, Fine Arts Teachers' Training College Karang Malang, Yogyakarta, studied Art and Graphic Arts at ASRI / ISI, Gampingan Yogyakarta for two years, and the last is the S2 education at the Faculty of Art and Design at the Bandung Institute of Technology. And on June 1st, 2016 Supantono decided to retire earlier from Yogyakarta SMSR teacher to focus totally paint based on  his calling.  Supantono and painting in general is an acculturation and memory values of the elements of the decorative painting (Indonesian culture) or realist style, combined with the values of Western culture (Abstract). Where Supantono painting is the embodiment of acculturation between the decorative style or reality represented by forms of flora, animal, human, and natural objects on the part of the principal object. And on the front of the main object is rubbed with various line results splashes spontaneous, expressive and dynamic with little provision of the shadow on the lines to make it more memorable as a three-dimensional. It  is a fusion of elements of the art of abstract painting (the West) and the elements of painting decorative/realist Indonesia (East), which is characteristic Supantono painting style who  has novelty values.

A full vita is at hand at request

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