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Laura Hedrosa Sigüenza

Guadalajara, Spain, born 1976


She discovered her love for the world of sculpture at an early age and was quickly captivated by bronze and iron sculptures. She studied sculpture at the art academy in La Palma and during this time she got to know various techniques, materials, and experts in various art workshops in Madrid.


During this time, she made a special connection with a blacksmith's workshop in the heart of the city. Laura learns quickly and she has talent. If her first castings were still bumpy, she quickly internalized the technique and set a new limit to her artistic horizon in the direction of sculpture.


Silicone molds and bronze castings, as well as their reproductions in the wax fusion process, Laura soaks it all up and publishes her first figures immediately after graduating.


Her path leads her from Madrid to Mallorca, where she still lives and works today. In 2018, she makes the leap into the well-known local art elite, which also includes Riera Ferrari, Muntaner and the sculptor Pere Pujol. She created a bust of the world-famous palaeontologist Dorothea Minola Alice Bate, which the Consell of Mallorca included in the collection of the town of Capdepera, where it can also be viewed.


Laura Hedrosa then continues to work in her studio in Artà, and becomes part of the local artists' group. She is committed to the environment and to using resources responsibly. In Artà, her works can be seen on streets and squares. Sculptures made of recycled materials and set in different patterns in the ground adorn paths and park floors. Mosaics that remind us where we come from and where we are going, says Hedrosa. They are meant to inspire us to use resources responsibly.


In 2021, the Austrian art collector Karl Maria Graf Kinsky became aware of her and included the artist in the Kinsky Collection. He shows her work in his collection and in his galleries in Spain and Austria.


Works by Laura Hedrosa, depict the human figure, idealistic, stylised, appearing in a calmness that evokes a sense of freedom in the viewer. Always in contact with nature and Mother Earth.

She is my newest discovery in 2021. I have met her in my Studio25 Gallery and it was love at first sight. This young and inspiring spanish exceptional Talent, simply has to be in my collection. I am glad it worked out.

Karl Maria Kinsky

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