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Rosa Gallach, Spain

Nacida en Barcelona 1958
Reside y trabaja en Sitges

My conceptual figurative work is a form of painting, which is not
restricted into specific shapes or patterns but rather a free form of
expression that captures the soul and spirit in motion. I look for
the free stroke and the flow of the colors that intermingle, the
backgrounds are part of the being and in turn the being is
integrated into the background, creating an attractive and full of
life atmosphere. The boundaries between the exterior and the
interior disappear and dissolve into one.
It seems essential to me to feel the internal connection with
painting. I do not need to have an initial goal, but a valid starting
point that can be born from an object, a detail or a combination of
several things that inspires and motivates my creativity. I try to let
the form and background emerge spontaneously from within me,
expressing myself by painting becomes the art of living.
In my creations I like to use and experiment with different
materials. Each fabric and material awakes different ideas in me.
My work is based on the use of canvases, wood and plaster, these
textures provide richness and provide me with creative energy. The
brushstrokes are the final evidence of my presence that is
impregnated in the painting with which I hope to communicate
my personal signature to the viewer.
My painting is influenced by my attraction to the culture and art of
traditional oriental painting, the Taoist vision has led me to an
awakening of my consciousness and sensitivity and towards a
spiritual evolution that is more in harmony with Nature.

 I have met her in an exhibition in Arta and I had no chance but to fall in love with here beautiful interpretations of Japanese Geishas. i am glad I did not miss out on the opportunity of working with Rosa!

Karl Maria Kinsky

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