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Romanie Sanches Smele

born in England in 1976, but brought up in Ibiza,

where I have spent most of my life.

I paint as a way of discovering the unknown to me. I

don´t search beauty, I search messages that come from

the subconscious. I never know what I will paint, I just

follow the shapes and find relationships between the

elements. Painting is like dreaming at night, where lots

of images overlap shifting their meanings.


The paintings of the Ibicencan artist Romanie are a product of the inner work that is developed every time she picks up her brushes. The motifs and repetitive shapes we see are the inheritance of a childhood spent in the countryside in Ibiza in the 1970’s, whilst the embodied themes in the work arise from a constant spiritual search.  

For Romanie painting works as a medium rather than an end in itself, she paints out of a spiritual necessity.  The paintings take form whilst the artist establishes an inner dialogue and relates it to that which her hand paints freely upon the blank surface of the canvas or board. 

The first strokes are traced by chance, emerging from the subconscious, until the first defined forms appear; at this point a relationship begins between ideas, emotions and inner thoughts, turning into recognizable images as a result of the process.  In her work we find much esoteric symbology; this esoterism forms part of the vital path of the artist. 

Romanie began exhibiting her work in 2001 and paints practically every day in her house in the countryside of Ibiza. When traveling she paints in her notepads and gathering ideas and images that appear in later works.

"Painting for me is a necessity to be able to maintain myself balanced between this world and my inner one. When I start a painting, I normally don´t know where it will take me. 

I start painting from the subconscious, letting shapes and colours find their space. No judgment. While I do this, I usually listen to music that helps my mind get further away from my inner chatter. It is like a kind of meditation. Thoughts come and go, I can see them coming and I try to not follow them and let them leave. Just observe."


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