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Peter Raneburger

Ulli Sturm about Raneburger's work:

Don t talk about flowers, which means free translation: "do not beat around the bush - get down to business! An Anglican idiom that hits the artistic work of Raneburgers exactly to the point. The international artist living in Matrei is a painter, draftsman, graphic designer and as an artist an anthropologist. He has been researching for years with artistic means at the borders, abysses and structures of human existence.

He analyzes social, human political and historical contexts, digging and scratching the roots of our civilization. His work cycles thematize taboos and socially relevant questions, without ever being superficially provocative, but rather attempting to define the underlying causes in his own clarity. His eyes are on hidden beauty away from the usual imagination and his works aim at self-reflection of the individual in everyday interpersonal relationships. He takes his motives, sensitive as a seismograph, his immediate environment, the media or the history of mankind.

As a visual artist and philosopher, Peter Raneburger is in search of the simplest paradigms that affect everyone equally, patterns that transcend the boundaries of origin, education and coinage. The basis for his analyzes is a kind of DARWINISM, which deals with genetics (inheritance) and mutation (change) as well as with terms such as metamorphosis (transformation) and reduction (simplification).

Transferred to his artistic work Raneburger inevitably comes with this attitude to large, humanity-shaping topics such as religion, sexuality, bodily function, birth and death and scrapes the "mush" aside until he meets the nerve center, the heart of the matter and into the picture.

ULLI STORM. Art Office Sturm. Klagenfurt

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