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PALMA HAT WEEK 2019 welcomes all milliners!

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Palma Hat week 2019 - 3rd August - 9th August

Logo of Palma Hat Week an international hat exhibition and competition hosted once a year inin Palma de Mallorca

*an independent event, non affiliated or endorsed by London Hat Week

Judith Countess Kinsky and Maxima Countess Kinsky posing at London Hat Week Worldgarden 2019 exhibition. THe peach hat displayed at the back is from JMK MILLINERY, Judith is also the curator of Palma Hat Week 2019

Judith and Maxima Kinsky, at the preview party of xterrace at the london hat week in April 2019  Source: Karl Maria Kinsky

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3rd August - 9th August:

3rd August - opening party - international hat exhibition, mallorca show your hat, in two locations: Mallorca Gin Distillery & Bikini Beach Palma

4th August - Daytrip to the horse races in Menorca (Hippodrome Menorca) to display at "Hats and Horses"

6th-9th August - Workshops with international hat designers/milliners at Bikini Beach Palma

7th August - Hat Walk and Photoshooting event in Palma with the local Oldtimer Club!

9th August - Teatime and farewell event in Palma

to join any of the events at Palma Hat Week, please purchase a public ticket!


Dear Milliners and Hatlovers!

My Name is Karl Maria Count Kinsky and I am an artcollector, currently residing in Spain. I have a passion for Art and also Hats. My Grandmother was a milliner in Austria and I have a range of beautiful handcrafted vintage hats in my art collection.

I feel sad that this amazing craftsmanship seems to be dissappearing more and more and less people are interested in practising it.

I have therefore encouraged my wife who is an international artist to start creating hats because I thought she had a certain talent for it.

throughout her carreer she has taken part in the London Hat Week and Exhibition on numerous occassions and I have already thought about hosting a similar event in Berlin, Germany before we moved here 2 years ago.

I have recently realised that there is a large community here in Mallorca who is interested in real handcrafted millinery, so I decided if not now then never!

I hope that my idea of the combination of exhibition and hat competition with real cash awards will be very helpfull to keep this craft alive and maybe it will inspire people to involve themselves with millinery again.

So without any further ado,

This is the official page of PALMA HAT WEEK in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. please follow my collection on facebook and join our new Palma Hat Week Group as well where we hope to grow an international community of milliners and hat lovers!

Enjoy my event!

Karl Maria Graf Kinsky von Wchinitz und Tettau

Karl Maria Count Kinsky and Maxima Maria Countess Kinsky in a photo shot in Brighton by Sea in the UK in 2016. The Image is used for the information Header of Palma Hat Week 2019


Welcome to the first ever "Palma Hat Week 2019" taking place at the fantastic "Mallorca Gin Distillery" in the heart of the city, in Santa Catalina, the artsy and modern district of Palma de Mallorca in Spain. The Distillery was built in 2018 using mostly steel and metal, it is best decribed as modern industrial and inspired by a classic mix of old english breweries. Expect lots of copper, steel and warm lights, a perfect location to present contemporary art and now, hats! We are excited to offer you the possibility to take part in this event, presenting your hat creations to hatlovers from all over Mallorca.

The international community here is vibrant, Germans, Swiss and English people make the majority of Expats living here, enjoying the great nature of the island and mediteranian flair. Palma de Mallorca is, like Monaco, Cannes in France or Tivat in Montenegro a magnet for the high society. Many horselovers and horse race lovers come to Mallorca every year. It is a perfect place to host this event and we are thrilled to be the ones presenting it! Here you will find the terms and conditions, registration form and all the necessary info to register for the event:


hats entered in the exhibition and competition must be inspired by these categories:


Hats with big brims or super modern designs, crazy materials to avoid sunburns, something that would make you stand out from the crowd. Luxurious feeling, maybe think about what a former hollywood icon would have worn at the beach or to the beach club.


If you were invited to a private luxurious party at a beachside mansion, what would you wear? We want to see high hats with luxury materials such as rhinestones, gold, silver, silk, gems and glitter etc.  (Hats, Headbands, Fascinators) but keep in mind that it should be outstanding, yet sophisticated and elegant.

In each category there will only be one winning hat, the price money is EUR 350, - cash in each category, as well as a specially designed look book presenting only your work.


Social Media:

AtKinsky die Sammlung Kinsky, JMK Millinery and Palma Gin Distillery will display your hats both on their websites, as well as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels. All of ourpartners in Europe will be invited to join our media output for the event.


The events will be promoted in all local and international Mallorcan newspapers to reach a maximum number of hatlovers from the whole Island. Our press release and hat competition for the public aims to invite 30K plus of visitors to see the hatweek.

Main Event and Preview Party: (3rd August 2019 from 7pm-11pm+)

A fantastic night, with tickets for the public, preview of your hats for press and media as well as a chosen crowd of who is who in Mallorca. The winners of the competion in both categories will be announced, a collection of the best 20 hats chosen by our jury will be on special display all through the evening. Also the winner of the public category "Mallorca show your hat" will be announced at the main event.

Mallorca Gin Distillery will cater the event, all Milliners enjoy free food, soft drinks and local wine during the event.

We will provide a professional sales team to sell your hats as well as a make up artist and stylist to spoil yourself and models presenting your hats to the media and press.

Your hat will be featured both, during the main event as well as the exhibition which will be on display for 6 days in Mallorca and Menorca in August 2019.

All accepted entries will be offered through atKinsky die Sammlung Kinsky´s webshop for 1 year further until our next event in 2020.(if you want)


Visit workshops of other designers to learn from each other, at special rates! All the workshops are hosted by Palma Hat Week and our partners in Palma

Professional Sales:

Your creations are offered throughout Palma Hat Week and thereafter. A professional salesteam is in charge to ensure best exposure to interested customers.

Reduced rates to experience Mallorca and Menorca:

When taking a break from Palma Hat Week, our partners are happy to offer great deals for you and your family to enjoy some of the best features of the Balearic Islands. This includes, special meal deals, tours through Palma and beyond, beauty and fashion packages, cheap acomodation and much more.


The absolute highlight of the Palma Hat Week is a daytrip to the horse races in Menorca on the 4th of August. Our special package includes, Plane tickets, and tickets to the Horseraces where you can enter a secluded Hat Competition hosted by Hippodrome Menorca on that day!  The best 20 hats curated by our jury will be taken to Menorca on the 4th and presented to the public during the races.



PARTICIPANTS: PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU HAVE SENT ALL IMAGES OF YOUR WORK B4 the 15th of June so we can announce whose work has been approved!


Designers, hatblockers and other merchants, looking to host a workshop or product display during  Palma Hat Week 3rd to 9th of August 2019 in Palma de Mallorca, send us a message with your Workshop presentation, Material and Products you want to promote to 


to collect your discount for Hotel Feliz use the coupon code: FELIZFRIEND. This will give you a 10 % Discount on the stay. Also you will receive a € 5,- deduction for your booking between 3rd and 9th of August.

to collect your discount for Hotel Continental you must book through Email with the Hotel and use HAT PALMA as Coupon Code. You will also receive a discoounted price for your stay per day at the Hotel between 3rd and 9th of August

to collect your discount for Hotel Brick Palma you must book through Email with the Hotel and use HAT PALMA as Coupon Code.




These are this years Workshops, to register for one, click the register Button for each Workshop you wish to attend.

Face & Hat by Anna Mikhailova

About Anna:

1996 –  graduated from the Pedagogical University, major in technical design

1998-2018 –43-time winner of international championships in the beauty industry

1999 –  established multiple salons of beauty „ANVI“ , owner

2003-2007  - get titles „Europe‘s Best Stylistic Show“

2007-2012 – President and director of International Festival „Beauty over the Neva“ in Saint_Petersburg

2010 – developed millinery brand “HATS BY ANNA MIKHAYLOVA“

2013 -  prize laureate “Top 20 Successful People” „Personal Brand“ nomination.  ANVI beauty studio won

           the “Best Beauty Salon” title at Russian Beauty Award ceremony.

2017-   Sales start of „HATS BY ANNA MIKHAYLOVA“ in New-York, USA

2018-   The Union of Culture Workers of Russia awarded Anna Mikhailova with the medal «For

           Achievements in the Field of Culture and Art»

        -  Start selling AM hats in England, Windsor

2019 -  Exhibition “Faberge Heritage”. Russian designers’ jewelry pieces and AM hats in the oldest  

           factory“Russkie Samotsvety”

About her workshop:


  "The hat is not just an art object, but an exquisite companion!"

- How emphasized the natural beauty of your customers

- How can a hat change the your non-verbal representation

- How hats can change the face geometry

- How reflexion of the hat color affection on the face and hair

- How to utilize the effect of the hat material texture on the perception of facial skin


  "Simple and useful millinery tips molded in years of experience,  perfected by science."


What you need to bring : A Smartphone, a hat or headpiece

What we bring: drinks and snacks at Bikini Beach Palma!

Date:   5. August 2019

Time: 10 am to 1pm (only 10 places available)

To get Early Bird Tickets for this Workshop you must book before the 15th of June! d

Photo+ by Judith M Kinsky


    About Judith:

    2002 Diploma and Master of Fine Arts in Painting and Objects

    2011 Further Trainings in Photoshop and InDesign at Künstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin

    2012 Founding of JMK-Millinery Berlin

    2018 Curator of the Art Collection Kinsky Palma/Vienna

    2019 Curator of the international Hat Exhibition "Summer Chic" at Palma Hat Week

      "Judith is an award winning milliner and artist"

    About her workshop:

    If you don't want to depend on expensive photographers, graphic designers and/or complicated photo programms to get great and professional photos for your business and you are not satisfied with your actual hat shooting results, then this course will be best for you!

    In this course Judith shows how to make way better photos for your millinery business, without the use of a professional camera, or pro equipment, a camera stand, a photostudio, studiolights or even a real model. She teaches you in easy steps  how to improve your shooting surrounding even if there is just a small space and how to use the best tools to get great and quick results for your social networks, homepages and shops.

       "Judith has taken all the info and wrapped it into one workshop you will actually enjoy"

    Waht you need to bring: A smarktphone, a hat or headpiece

    Date: 5. August 2019

    Time: 2pm - 4pm (may have overtime) (only 10 places available)

    To get Early Bird Tickets for this Workshop you must book before the 15th of June! d

      we are getting more workshops and will post them here soon: :-D


      To celebrate our first year of PHW in Mallorca, we have partnered with these enterprises who offer special rates during PHW. Explore Mallorca, Go see our beatiful beaches, or take a trip to the center of the island. Eat at the best restaurants or make it to the horse races. Everything is possible.


      Mallorca Gin Distillery - THE ULTIMATE GIN EXPERIENCE

      We are inviting you to our gin distillery in the heart of Santa Catalina for three hours of the ultimate gin experience.

      Kicking off with an immersive sensory masterclass to determine what flavours make you tick, we then assign you to a mini copper still and guide you in crafting your own bespoke bottle of gin to wax seal and label yourself ready to take away and show off.

      Throughout the session you will be treated to a gin tasting, four gin cocktails, nibbles, and a riveting class on the deep dark history of gin in Europe.

      Included in our gin distillery experience:

      • Four gin cocktails throughout the evening.
      • A gin tasting session.
      • Wonderful stories from gins deep and dark past up to its vibrant new start.
      • A sensory guide and masterclass to help you craft the best gin for you.
      • Nibbles throughout the night to complement your gin tasting session at the distillery

      This Code is valid from 5th to 9th of August 2019 and gives you a 10% discount on a gin making eperience at Mallorca Gin Distillery.

      Gin Tasting Session, Snacks, The History of Gin and a bespoken bottle of selfmade Gin featuring a spcial "Palma Hat Week" Label for you to take home.

      It is valid only between the 5th and 9th of August 2019.

      To book your tickets get the Promo Code here and follow this link to book:      MALLORCA GIN


      Friends are the best tourgides,

           so who better than Count Kinsky to take you out to show you "his" Mallorca. The day begins with a trip to Soller from where you will take the famous train, which commutes between Palma and Port de Soller, down to the Port and back. Inhale the amazing air and explore the typical Mallorcan Architecture as you travel along houses, lemmon and orange fields, down to the lovely port and back. Your Jorney does not end there and you will travel through the hills of the tramuntana along the north coast of Mallorca and down right through the Center of Island where you will have typical Mallorcan Buffett which includes all and everything the Mallorcans love. There is something in it for everyone and you can eat as much as you like. With full Belly the trip continues to Aarta which is Mallorcas number one artistic town with the largest population of international artists living and working there. Coming From Aarta the trip will take us along the beaches of Calla Bona and Calla Millor and even Porto Cristo - Home to AtKinsky the Kinsky Collection. A lot of Photo Locations await you along this trip and as we had back through the center of the Island and climb the Hills of Cura and Randa you will see the Island from the top and take amazing Photos. All this commented and guided by Count Kinsky himself, sharing his experiences and knowledge on the people and the island. Bound to Fun!

      The Trip beginns at 9am from Bikini Beach Palma to where it will return any time between 4-5pm. The Ticket includes, the Ride and the Buffet. It takes place on the 5th, the 7th and 8th of August and has limited tickets available. Book early for a discount!


      "I am looking forward to being your personal tourguide during Palma Hat Week 2019"

      Karl Maria Count Kinsky of Wchinitz and Tettau

      To get Early Bird Tickets for this Workshop you must book before the 15th of June! d

      we are getting more Events and will post them here soon: :-D


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      Our Whatsapp Nr. is: +34 685 407 513

      Alternatively - you can chat with us directly here by opening the chat window widget at the bottom of this page!

      Karl Maria Count Kinsky and Anni Fuchs are owners of atKinsky die Sammlung Kinsky which also hosts the Palma Hat Week Exhibition and Competition

      Karl Maria Count Kinsky

      Owner - Collector


      Beate Lang

      chief financial officer


      spanish market

      Judith D. M. Kinsky

      art director - curator


      german market

      Anni Fuchs

      Owner - Collector


      Lucie Alexandra

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      french market

      Philip Sachsenhofer

      back office management


      austrian market

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