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PALMA HAT WEEK 2020 welcomes all milliners & hatters!

Registration, Terms and Conditions

Palma Hat week 2020 - 19th - 25th October


19.10.20: Press Preview for the intl. PHW Exhibition and Fair at the Hotel Saratoga 

20.10.20: Opening of Palma Hat Week Exhibition, Hat Supply, Art, Couture &  

              Gemstone Fair to the public, daily from 11am to  8pm at Hotel Saratoga

21.10.20: Photo shoot at the legendary rooftop terrace of Hotel Saratoga from 11am

              to 1pm with mini catwalk to present hat creations to the press.

22.10.20: Photo shoot at the classic car club Mallorca at The Boathouse Palma, from

              6pm to 8pm followed by a Sundowner Cocktail at the Bar

23.10.20: Photo shoot at the Horse races with Ladies Day at the Hipodromo

              dePalma VIP Area for Palma Hat Week.

24.10.20: GALA DINNER & Photo shoot at Hotel Saratoga. Photo shoot prior to our

              three coursed dinner presented by the Palma Hat Week Society.   

              Presentation of this years competition top 10 finalists and the main

              winner. First Investiture of new members of the Palma Hat Week Society

              Special honary guests and speech of the Founder, Count Kinsky

25.10.20: Palma Hat Walk in the City of Palma with closing Tea Party 16:00 at the

              Hotel Saratoga Bar.



Our world is shaken by a virus and turned upside down. After the lock down, we all have to start over - We therefore chose white.

“The white dove of peace and freedom, white for innocence, tenderness and simplicity. But this colour also addresses modernity and contemporary design, because it represents a new beginning and our ability to start from scratch on a blank slate. White light contains all colours, so we see the full presence of light in white. You can rarely find real white tones in nature. ”  (Quote pantone color world 2015)

This years motto of our international hat exhibition for Palma Hat Week 2020, is dedicated to this colour which also has a very special place here in Mallorca.

White in all its shades is a dominant colour, be it in architecture, in art, in design and also in fashion. White is elegant, timeless, it is mediterranean and it forms a wide variety of colours in its interplay with light and shadow.

In addition to cream, ivory, beige, coconut, floral white, mother-of-pearl, alabaster, chiffon, salt, eggshell, cotton, fog-white, polar, there are as many as 50 to 80 different shades of white.

Be inspired by these colourshades, its meanings and the purity of the new beginning they are associtated with. Put all your love and emotions in your hat creations. Go wild or create a minimalistic design, absolutely be yourself!

Whether you are working in an artistically abstract manner, designing a wonderful bridal jewelry or creating a propper summer hat - it is important that all hats and headpieces are wearable and of a high quality craftsmanship!

All materials and hat shapes are allowed, but still pay attention to the weight and balance of the hat! It should, and will be worn!

If you want, you can apply with several creations! This year you can submit up to 5 hats!

New in 2020: 

1. If you already have a hat of which you think it fits our topic perfectly, it is no problem to apply with this hat. It doesn't matter whether the hat is brand new or a little older. Neither for the hat exhibition nor for the hat competition! It is only important that it was made by you. Our curator will also conduct intensive research on Instagram in the upcoming weeks and message Milliners directly,  if she finds their hats suitable for the international Palma Hat Exhibition.

2. Also this year, taking part in the online hat competition is not obligatory. You have a choice of wether you only want to show your hat at the International Palma Hat Exhibition or if you will also take part in the online hat competition. The winner of the online hat competition  will receive a cash prize of € 350,00 and an a gift voucher from "Highland Hat Blocks".

3. As of 2020 the winning hat will remain with atKinsky die Sammlung Kinsky in its private collection where it will be able to be viewed at every annual meeting of the newly formed Palma Hat Week Society. It will also be eligable to be shown in future museum exhibtions through "atKinsky the Kinsky Collection".

4. All participants in Palma Hat Week will receive certificates from its founder, Count Karl Maria Kinsky of Wchinitz and Tettau!

5. We are hosting our very own pop-up store as part of the Palma Hat Fair at the Hotel Saratoga, called the "Hatspiration Store". All milliners & hatters participating in the hat exhibition can offer additional hats in all colours for sale in the "Hatspiration Store" We take a smaller fee of € 25,- per hat to display it and a 10 % comission on a sale. We recommend that the prices of the hats, headpieces, offered at the "Hatspiration Store" only range between € 100,- and € 250,- to increase your chances of selling them to the visitors.

6. COVID-19 has turned the world upsidedown. It is a desaster for the economy and obviously this affects millinary and all events such as exhibitions and hat fairs too. So going forward it is important that incase our event must be cancelled or/and moved on to another date, all your paid registration fees are acounted for as unredeemed until a new date has been found and the event has actually taken place.

7. Our event focuses on local expats from england and germany, so we are not reliant on tourism or traveling bans from neither the peninsula nor other countries. If your hats make it here safe, the event will take place even if you can not personally attend.

8. Palma Hat Week 2020 will allow applications of MASK Designs if they allign with our basic rules. WE want to encourage you to send us your MASK Designs in combination with hats. Watch this video from the host of Palma Hat Week, regarding his vision for the event and the industry in 2020. (obviously this is not obligatory and wont affect the judgment for the hat competition.


1. Please note that the application is for one hat only, if you wish to submit more for consideration, you need to fill in the form again using the details of your next hat. For consideration you can send up to 5 hat designs. You only need to pay for the once that will be confirmed to take part in the exhibition.

2. All hats for consideration must incorporate this years motto of Palma hat week (50 shades of white) within the parameters of what we are looking for (see above)

3. Please supply six clear images of each creation (min. 1000x1000px/300dpi) with the application form for consideration showing the hat from all different angles against a plain stone grey, blush rose or vanilla/tender yellow background DO NOT USE BLACK OR WHITE BACKGROUND! (front, back, left & right side, top and underneath), each should be no smaller than 1MB, no larger than 5MB), please use a neutral stand or mannequin to present your hat. If you occur any trouble with this please feel free to contact us for assistance! click here

4. You will be informed by email which of your hat(s) have been selected. THERE MUST NOT be any logo or brand name or watermark on your images, if there is a label on your hat, you must cover it. Why so many photos why no watermarks and logos? It is for two reasons: The judges need this many images to get a perfect idea of your creation, because it is a photo contest and no logos and watermarks to keep it neutral and fair for everyone. The second reason is, that your hats will be on display with atKinsky die Sammlung Kinskys social media accounts and must therefor be presented in the best way.

5. A non-refundable € 100,- (plus VAT) application entry fee for your first submitted hat is to be paid to enter the exhibition, the participation of our online competition is not obligatory. You can enter more hats at an additional € 25,- (plus VAT) per hat! The same rules as for your first entry apply. Simply fill out the form again and follow protocol. You will receive an invitiation for you to join us at the main event in October, which is a Gala Dinner held especially for us by the Palma Hat Week Society. Join this event and invite your friend to join you for this event for an extra € 90,- (plus VAT) per ticket. (This fee includes a delicious three course dinner, wine, water and a little surprise).If you wish to bring a friend to the press preview event, the cost per additional visitor is € 15,-

Palma Hat Week, will, in the possible case that it can not take place in the week 19th-25th October be moved into 2021 where it will eventually replace the PHW III which is scheduled then. In such a case, all hats will remain with us for this event until the latest Novmeber 2021 when we will return them after the event has passed. Should the host, Karl Count Kinsky, for what ever reason not be able to work anymore or pass away prior to Palma Hat Week 2021 you will be refunded in due course.

Bring a fellow milliner, which also applies for PHW and you both save € 10! <3

The 2020 early bird is 5% of your initial application fee until the 5th of may and you are only going to be invoiced after your hat has been selected for the exhibition!

All payments must be settled befor the 15th of June 2020!

6. As all entries are offered for sale at and after the Palma hat week competition,  you agree to pay atKinsky die Sammlung Kinsky a commission fee of 25% of the sale price.  Hats sold will be displayed for the duration of the exhibition and collected or sent to or by the buyer after the exhibition has ended, if not sold during the exhibition the hats will be returned to you during the course of November 2020 at your own expense.

7. Entry fees will be used to cover marketing, graphic design and printing of catalogues, postcards, press packs, storage, display props, staff as well as private view

party beverages and other expenses.

9. Please include your social media account details to be featured online through atKinskys online Platform. It is vital also, to follow us on Twitter, or Facebook @palmahatweek and Instagram @palmahatweekbyatkinsky to be followed back.

9. Hats sent to the exhibition will be returned to all milliners within the month of November 2020, we will use to do so. All hats will be insured using the cheapest value (50Eur) for transport and you will be given a Tracking Nr. to trace your parcel.

10. Successful entries to be announced via email after 31st Mai 2020. The deadline for the application process is on the 31st of may 2020! All payments must then be made until the 15th of June 2020. If payment is not made by 15th of June 2020 your application voids. The extended payment and registration period ends on September 20th. Be aware that you must be able to send your hats to Palma immediatly thereafter so they arrive in time for the exhibition.

11. You may drop off and pick up your hat in person by prior arrangement only.

12. Any import/export taxes incurred must be paid by the designers. If you are sending from outside EU, please make sure you fill in the customs invoice correctly in order to avoid customs delays and charges. (keep in mind that the price of your hat influences the import/export taxes. The higher your price the higher your tax)

13. Hats will be returned using one of the following couriers: TNT, FedEx, UPS, DHL, CORREOS/SEUR. Unless you instruct otherwise hats will be sent using the cheapest option and include Eur 50 insurance per hat. You agree to pay for return shipping and we will invoice you for the cost price/taxes, alternatively, you can use to organise your own shipment and send us the label to print and attach to your parcel.

14. AtKinsky will not accept liability for any damage caused to the hats either in transit or during the exhibition, or for any injury caused by the hats to the public. Please arrange your own insurance if you wish to be covered in the event of damage. Every hat will be unpacked, documented and repacked by our curator herself to insure maximum securtiy during transit and the exhibition.

15. Designers who intend to pick up their hat(s) in person may do so by prior arrangement,

16. Any enquiries regarding to your application submission please email: click here

17. All hats must have physically arrived at our address before the 20th September 2020

Send your hats to:

Karl Maria Kinsky, AtKinsky die Sammlung Kinsky, Carrer de Jaume Balmes 32, 07570 Artà, Illes Baleares, Spain.

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