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Exhibition on December 20th 2020


Mission statement:

Our Mission with "SHOW YOUR ART ROMANIA" is to present as much contemporary Art from romania to visitors in a short exhibition as possible.

What we do:

We exhibit Artwork that has been submitted by national Artists at a well established and wellknown location for short period of time.

It gives us as a collection the opportunity to shop for new and upcoming talent, we wish to represent in our Art collection and Gallery.

The Model works:

The Model of enabling Artists of all backgrounds to exhibit their work for free has proven to work in Berlin, where 2100 Artists exhibited for 48 hours in an event that drew 12.000 visitors.


In an online Art Competiton that spears the event during the year prior to the exhibition on December 20th 2020, which takes place at the Centru de Cultura Urbana, Casion in Cluj-Napoca, Artists may enter up to 5 works to be curated by our own curator board as well as a Jury which consists of local Art University Professors, a public figure of Art and an established romanian artist, who pick an overal winner and the top ten entries. Yet the Masterpiece of every entrant will be exhibited in December. All Artists pay a small handling fee for the competition, the exhibition itself is free of charge. 

How we market the event:

We market our event in compliane with the town hall and the management team of the venue, aswell as local galerist who join and the local art museum.

Our campaign is ongoing througout the year and aims to reach as many artists and visitors alike.

What is your role:

As a Art Venue (Museum, University, Workshop, Workspace and Gallery), you are at the pulse of the network in your town. You are the true champions of Art and you will be there before and after our event.

It is therefore crucial that you join our cause in so many ways. We want you to participate!

What we do for our Partners:

We will create both a catalog for the event, banners, flyers, cards, Standup Banners and a new City map displaying all our partners venues.

We will create a backlink to our own social media channels and website, containing of your logo and Adress, aswell as the program you will show during our event.

We will hold a vernissage at our venue and laudatio for your venue and art you will show.

What we expect of you:

To become a partner you will need to submit an application for your venue, briefly explaining what kind of venue you are and what program you inted to show during our event. (beware that you will have to show only romanian art). So in your application, briefly mention the name of the artist, the period and what you will show.

You will then open your venue on December 20th from 20:00 Hours to 21st of December 20:00. You will not hold a Laudatio, as we will do it our main event. In this 24 hours of exhibition you must keep your venue open as a part of our concept to offer the first 24 hour Art exhibition in your town ever!

Venue Packages:

You can chooose a package below. Once you decide on which package is fit for your location, you order it online here and we will send you all its contents. Upon receiving the package, we expect you to set it all up in your venue two months prior to the exhibition in order to reach all your visitors and collectors.

Starter:     € 60,-

2x Posters and 25x Maps including your location, for the "SHOW YOUR ART" Exhibition

Comfort: € 160,- 

A "SHOW YOUR ART" Standup Banner, 2x Posters and 50x Maps (including your location), displaying your Logo as participant of our event

Deluxe:   € 320,-

2x "SHOW YOUR ART" Standup Banner, 2x Posters and 100x Maps (including your location), displaying your Logo as participant of our event, 25 catalogs with your logo featured for


Logo placement:

On Partnerpage:               €  80,-

Banner on random content page: € 180,-

Quarter Page:                  € 228,-

Half Page:                       € 280,-

One Full Page:                € 480,-

Cover Front:

Logo:                              € 180,-

Cover Back:

Logo:                              € 160,-

Complete Catalog           € 980,-

Standup Banner at our Exhibition with your design and information:

1x Banner: €    280,-

2x Banner: €    450,-

4x Banner: € 1.080,-

For further marketing tools regarding the presentation of your product at our Exhibition, please contact us directly by E-Mail

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Karl Maria Count Kinsky and Anni Fuchs are owners of atKinsky die Sammlung Kinsky which also hosts the Palma Hat Week Exhibition and Competition

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