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1.10.2022 - VISIT US IN BOOTH NR. 10


At Kinsky - die Sammlung Kinsky @AtKinsky The KInsky Collection,

representing our international and local Artists Laura Hedrosa Sigüenza, Dieter Schueno, Georg Pummer. Claudia Christof, Kim & Konrad, Barbara Radinger Galeria Veinticuatro Arta, Margo Murashko & Mallorca Corazon, all in one Gallery Space for one night reunited at ArtinSal. Open from 6pm. -

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The QR Pop Up Project Mallorca, presents;

This months exhibition pays tribute to one of my local artists, Dieter Schüno, who only previously passed away after a rigid battle with cancer. I had promissed him a beautiful exhibition, but the pandemic struck our plans. Dear Dieter, this is the one, i hope you enjoy it!

Dieter Schünos life was one filled by new horizons. In all his life as an artist and throughout all of his works, the colourfull theme prevails. All of his work is an inspiration, is a testamony to the "joy of life" and longing to find new horizons within it.

over the years, atkinsky has collected, protected and repeatedly shown selected works by Schüno. The extraordinary art has once again moved us to show it in Palma, as the artist loved to do, surrounded by people, in daily life, like you and me, enjoying a coffee, chatting whilst enjoying the beutiful surrounding filled with art.

Fellow Artists exhibiting are, Laura Hedrosa from Spain, and Vicky Perez from Argentina, showing recent works (sculptures) as well as Yana Chulak and her very own collection of stone hearts, all found on majorca. 

where?: C. NOTI in Palma

               C./d.Josep Tousi Ferrer 2

When: 8.8.2022 - 8.9.2022, Monday

            - Saturday 10-16:00 hours


The QR Pop Up Project Mallorca, presents

Spanish Painter ROSA GALLACH from Sitges/Barcelona, showing a collection of Geishas aswell as Bronze Sculptures during the month of may.

where?: C. NOTI in Palma

               C./d.Josep Tousi Ferrer 2

When: 8.8.2022 - 8.9.2022, Monday

            - Saturday 10-16:00 hours


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Haben Sie es gewusst? Ich bin ein Sammler, der sich gerne mit Sammlern austauscht. Ich berate Sie aber auch umfänglich bezüglich ihren Kunstwerken. Plane Ihren Kunstumzug, führe Kunsttransporte durch, kuratiere Ihre Ausstellung bzw. Ihren Kunstevent und finde mit Ihnen gemeinsam heraus wer Ihr Kunstwerk gemalt hat wenn einmal das Zertifikat fehlt, oder helfe den Zeitwert ihrer Arbeit zu bestimmen. Desweiteren bestimmen wir die originalität Ihres Werkes oder informieren Sie diskret wenn es sich einmal um eine Fälschung handelt. In unserer Sammlung befinden sich derzeit Werke von über 100 zeitgenössischen Künstlern aus aller Welt. Gerne kommen Sie mich auch einmal besuchen hier in Mallorca. In meinem weltweiten Sammlernetzwerk kommt es täglich zu neuen Verkäufen von Kunstwerken, darunter auch Arbeiten von Rembrandt, Picasso, Miro, Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Warhol aber auch Zeitgenössiches wie zum Beispiel von Banksy oder Mr. Brainwash, Kaws, können wir gemeinsam finden und in Ihrer Sammlung platzieren. PM mit Interesse und Tel. zur Terminverinbarung gerne über Facebook oder Whatsapp direkt: +34685407513

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                                                                                            -RARE TREASURE-

This Poster was made especially for the famous BAND AID -  FEED THE WORLD Movement. It was made using one of the original photos taken by David Bailey for his Exhibition in 1984 shown in London at ICA THE MALL SW1. It was edited by Wayne Lintott, who later passed it on to his close friend Russel Page, who as an Artist I am glad to represent in my collection (Nelson Mandela Portrait from 2010).  Along with th e Poster, I was given one of the original photos taken by David Bailey, which was later used for the poster. I am showing both together in STUDIO 25, Carrer Ciutat 25 in Artà, Mallorca. Price on request. The Poster is 151x100cm and it is in its original shape, withered by the many years. The Photo is 36x36cm and I am only offering the pair as one item.


Rosa Gallach, Spain

Nacida en Barcelona 1958
Reside y trabaja en Sitges

My conceptual figurative work is a form of painting, which is not restricted into specific shapes or patterns but rather a free form of expression that captures the soul and spirit in motion. I look for the free stroke and the flow of the colors that intermingle, the backgrounds are part of the being and in turn the being is integrated into the background, creating an attractive and full of life atmosphere. The boundaries between the exterior and the interior disappear and dissolve into one.

It seems essential to me to feel the internal connection with painting. I do not need to have an initial goal, but a valid starting
point that can be born from an object, a detail or a combination of several things that inspires and motivates my creativity.

I try to let the form and background emerge spontaneously from within me, expressing myself by painting becomes the art of living.

In my creations I like to use and experiment with different materials. Each fabric and material awakes different ideas in me.
My work is based on the use of canvases, wood and plaster, these textures provide richness and provide me with creative energy. The brushstrokes are the final evidence of my presence that is impregnated in the painting with which I hope to communicate my personal signature to the viewer. My painting is influenced by my attraction to the culture and art of
traditional oriental painting, the Taoist vision has led me to an awakening of my consciousness and sensitivity and towards a
spiritual evolution that is more in harmony with Nature.

 I have met her in an exhibition in Arta and I had no chance but to fall in love with here beautiful interpretations of Japanese Geishas. i am glad I did not miss out on the opportunity of working with Rosa!

Karl Maria Kinsky


the sculptures of Laura Hedrosa symbolise our connection to mother earth

Laura Hedrosa Sigüenza
Guadalajara, Spain, born 1976

She discovered her love for the world of sculpture at an early age and was quickly captivated by bronze and iron sculptures. She studied sculpture at the art academy in La Palma and during this time she got to know various techniques, materials, and experts in various art workshops in Madrid.

During this time, she made a special connection with a blacksmith's workshop in the heart of the city. Laura learns quickly and she has talent. If her first castings were still bumpy, she quickly internalized the technique and set a new limit to her artistic horizon in the direction of sculpture.

Silicone molds and bronze castings, as well as their reproductions in the wax fusion process, Laura soaks it all up and publishes her first figures immediately after graduating.

Her path leads her from Madrid to Mallorca, where she still lives and works today. In 2018, she makes the leap into the well-known local art elite, which also includes Riera Ferrari, Muntaner and the sculptor Pere Pujol. She created a bust of the world-famous palaeontologist Dorothea Minola Alice Bate, which the Consell of Mallorca included in the collection of the town of Capdepera, where it can also be viewed.

Laura Hedrosa then continues to work in her studio in Artà, and becomes part of the local artists' group. She is committed to the environment and to using resources responsibly. In Artà, her works can be seen on streets and squares. Sculptures made of recycled materials and set in different patterns in the ground adorn paths and park floors. Mosaics that remind us where we come from and where we are going, says Hedrosa. They are meant to inspire us to use resources responsibly.

In 2021, the Austrian art collector Karl Maria Graf Kinsky became aware of her and included the artist in the Kinsky Collection. He shows her work in his collection and in his galleries in Spain and Austria.

Works by Laura Hedrosa, depict the human figure, idealistic, stylised, appearing in a calmness that evokes a sense of freedom in the viewer. Always in contact with nature and Mother Earth.


Holger Zimmermann opens doors to times long past with his pictures. Influenced by the greatest of American Pop Art, he develops his own personal imagery. Motives from periodicals of the 50s - 60s receive a new, time - adjusted presence in his paintings and collages. In his pictures, he creates a special atmosphere that is refreshing and yet evokes memories. His works pay homage to our past.

Holger Zimmermann works exclusively with motives from the 1950s and 1960s, as this time is the foundation for our lives today, with all his innovations and achievements. In no previous epoch did development progress as fast as it did since the 1950s, with the end of World War II and reconstruction, the new beginning.

He changes the old motives on the computer and paints them mostly in acrylic on canvas, wood, paper and found objects, or he creates digital collages.

By alienating the motives, he gives them a new time-adjusted presence.

For the first time in 1992, I came into contact with art as I walked through Cologne and saw the many posters for the great "Pop Art Show" in Museum Ludwig and then visited this great exhibition.

Impressed by the great works on display, I visited exhibitions in museums and galleries more and more frequently and after a few years decided to devote myself to art.

I was influenced by the diversity of Pop Art and its artists like Andy Warhol, Sigmar Polke, James

Holgers work fits into our time, his work, which is a reflection of what was into today is pleasing for the eye and sparkles the spectators fire to interogate his past for signs and notions he himself may still remember.

Karl Maria Kinsky

Holger Zimmermann

Title: Ihr Teint

Year: 2017

Media: Collage, Mixed Media on Wood

Signed and dated on the back

Provenance: directly by the Artist

Owner: AtKinsky die Sammlung Kinsky


currently there are no auctions available


Georg Pummer, Austria

He is my newest discovery in 2020. I have met him at an art event in Atila Kirbas Gallery Art42 and it was love at first sight. This young and inspiring Austrian exceptional Talent, simply has to be in my collection. I am glad it worked out.

Karl Maria Kinsky

portrait 2017, 156 x106 cm, Acrylic on Canvas


Karl Maria Kinsky, owner

At Kinsky - die Sammlung Kinsky

and founder of Palma Hat Week by AtKinsky

Inauguration speach at Hotel Saratoga Palma for his first Gathering of the Palma Hat Week Society in October 2020. Palma Hat Week shows international hat designs by designers from all over the world, hosting exhibits and photo shoots where haute couture hats are modelled and photogrphed by and for the press and media in Palma

*fotocredit: Terenia Taras @ at The Olive Press.


Als ich Berlin 2016 nach 11 Jahren verließ, hatte ich noch kurz zuvor die Gelegenheit, endlich den Künstler der ebenfalls in meinem Haus in Prenzlauer Berg lebte, kennenzulernen.

Da er introvetiert lebte wusste ich zwar über ihn bescheid, jedoch reichte es nie zu mehr als einem flüchtigen Hallo im Flur. Im Haus erzählte man sich er wäre ein Naturverbundener Eigenbrötler der gerne angelte und wenig zu Hause war.

Frank Pietsch ist ein sanfter, sensitiver, sich Gedanken machender Mann, der die Menschen liebt, aus sicherer Distanz beobachtet er sie genauso wie die Tiere die ihn auf seiner künstlerischen Reise durch sein Leben stets begleiteten. Sein Lebenswerk, dass mehrere hunderte Arbeiten umfasst ist geprägt von dieser Liebe zur Natur und allem unter dem Himmel, auch bei Pietsch geht es immer wieder um das alleine, wir sind alle eins.

Aus einer Serie von 500 originalen biete ich ein Segment von 50 Arbeiten im Format 10 x 15 cm, gerahmt mit weißem Paspartout an.

Die Arbeiten sind teilweise über Jahre erarbeitet, alle auf der Rückseite signiert, datiert und mit Kennzahl versehen.

Mein Angebot je Arbeit gerahmt ist € 180,-

About Frank Pietsch,

When I left Berlin, in Germany in 2016 I had lived there for just over 11

years, I finally had the chance to meet the artist, that I knew lived in the base appartment of my house. I had never seen him in all these years and a neighbor had told me that he is a very introverted person who spends his days out in the woods most the time and is at home very little. The occasional "hello" in the hallway, that was all in all those years.

Frank Pietsch is one of the most gentile, sensitive, caring and loving people I have ever met. Entering his studio was something of a rare awesome experience in itself.
As he lets me peek inside I am presented with work so rare so precious and so full of all the passion of this artist for nature, animals and everything alive under the sky.

Frank Pietsch is sitting in his studio, on a vintage chair in his very minimalistically furnished studio apartment. He does without luxury altogether...

Local Champion

Victoria Pérez, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1969

Als ich nach Mallorca kam, ist mir Victoria sofort aufgefallen, ihre Skulpturen sind von so viel Leben erfüllt, es ist eine Freude sie zu betrachten. Ich musst sie sofort in der Sammlung haben und freue mich schon über die anstehenden gemeinsamen Projekte mit ihr. Ich kann Dir heute drei von den Skulpturen aus der Seria"Equilibrium" anbieten. Die Arbeiten stehen jeweils auf einem Sockel den Du extra erwerben kannst. Die Skulpturen haben einen Radius von ca. 50cm, sie sind handlich und Du kannst die Figur aus dem Rahmen nehmen um sie zu transportieren oder sie zu reinigen.

Ich biete Dir eine Skulptur für € 1980,- an.

When I came to Mallorca, Victoria caught my attention immediately, her sculptures are filled with so much life, it is a joy to look at them. I just had to have them in the gallery immediately and I am already looking forward to the upcoming joint projects with her.

Today I can offer you three of the sculptures from the Series: "Equilibrium". Each of the works stands on a pedestal which you can purchase separately. The sculptures have a radius of about 50cm, they are easy to handle and you can take the figure out of the frame to transport it or clean it.

we are offering Sculptures from € 1980,-.



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