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Frank Pietsch, 1957                                                                     resident artist



Original form of all beginnings executed again and again.

A memory of a future that was given up in him.

Source of all being, the egg, the head, the sun, moon and earth.


Frank Pietsch about his work 2013

Trip (Text Gerd Knappe)


A fish swarm drifts to the moon's glow. The meteorite floats into the solar circle. The light of the islands and waves. Flotsam in the yellow of the sand. The beach bar in shimmering blue. Huts that were houses. A ruined temple.


The buffalo herd in the dust rain. The fish swarm in the stream.

Sea snakes in uninhabited bays. Penguins in a blizzard.


He barely lets the animal in. Man finds no form of expression.


Landscapes of leaves, branches, blossoms, fruits, shore layers, colour fields, light structures show how the greatness of nature reveals itself in miniature.


Escaping the canyons of the city, the dirty streets, the bad air, the dull light, the four walls, the windows from which one can see how the moon is reflected in a pool, as if wrapped in dust, the leaves fall, the silent shadows of the night, the signs of the hopeless.


The Artist lives and works in Berlin.

Frank Pietsch is one of the most gentile, sensitive, caring and loving people I have ever met. Entering his studio was something of a rare awesome experience in itself. As he lets me peek inside I am presented with work so rare so precious and so full of all the passion of this artist for nature and animals
and everything alive under the sky. - Karl Maria Kinsky


Born 1957 in Lutherstadt Eisleben
1974 Apprenticeship as user heir
1975-1980 Employee at the Malsaaldes Thomas-Müntzer-Theater in Lutherstadt Eisleben
1981 Move to Berlin
1981-1989 active in various professions
1988-1990 Support class for painting Direction: Martin Seidemann
1990 Member of the Berlin Association of Visual Artists
2002 Member of the Professional Association of Visual Artists Berlin

Lives and works in Berlin

Study trips:

Tunisia, Morocco, Greece, Turkey, Canary Islands (Gomera), Portugal, Tanzania (Zanzibar), Indonesia (Bali and Lombok), Spain (Andalusia)

Works are in private and public ownership:

Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, USA; Collection Jutta van Almsick, Collection Siemens Düsseldorf (Series: Tierzeit)

Exhibitions (selection):

1986 Berlin, Studio Visual Arts
1990 Berlin, Gallery f
1991 Berlin, gallery on the island
1991 Berlin, Gallery in the Tower
1992 Frankfurt/Oder, trust agency
1994 Berlin, Gallery in the town hall Johannisthal
1999 Emkendorf, manor house
2003 Berlin, Gallery 100
2003 Dahrenstedt, Art Court
2004 Dortmund, ComNetMedia AG
2004 Cologne, Platinion GmbH
2005 Hamburg, Computacenter Ag
2006 Berlin, Gallery at Lake Weissensee, Kulturhaus Peter Edel

2006 Düsseldorf, Siemens
2006 Munich, EADS Deutschland GmbH
2007 Munich, GEMINI GmbH
2007 Berlin, jewellery laboratory gallery and workshop

2008 Darmstadt, PROSTEP AG
2008 Berlin, master goldsmiths Cottmann and Ludwig
2008 Hanover, SOLVAY GmbH
2009 Neuss. PROFILE
2009 Bonn, VR-.NETWORLD GmbH
2009 Munich, PWC AG
2009 Munich, Booz & Company GmbH
2009 Berlin, Wine & Vinos GmbH
2010 Munich, Feri Trust GmbH
2010 Wiesbaden, Atkon AG
2010 Cologne, Nassau Insurance
2010 Duisburg, Silver Palace
2010 Cologne, Platinion GmbH
2010 Dahrenstedt Art Court
2010 Krefeld, ThyssenKrupp SSC GmbH
2011 Berlin, Jewellery Laboratory Gallery and Workshop
2011 Euskirchen, Marien-Hospital
2011 Bonn, SRC GmbH
2012 Frankfurt, Sanofi-Aventis Germany GmbH
2012 Stuttgart, PWC AG
2012 Berlin, Jewellery Laboratory Gallery and Workshop
2012 Bonn, Deutsche Postbank Head Office
2012 Bonn BDU e.V.
2012 Bad Vilbel, Montrada GmbH
2013 Düsseldorf, Sumitomo Ltd.
2013 Berlin, Jewellery Laboratory Gallery and Workshop
2019 Vienna, Austria, AtKinsky the Kinsky Collection
2020 Porto Cristo, Spain, Gallery Kinsky

Andalucia - Oil, Earth on Canvas, year 2000 - size: 80cm x 100cm                € 1.600,-

From a Series of just over 500 original unique paintings in this format, I have the absolute pleasure of offering this special piece today:

Artist: Frank Pietsch-Berlin
Title: No Title
Nr. 12
Media: mixed media on cartboard
Year: 2008
Size: 10cm x 15cm (Work is framed)
Price: € 180,- incl. frame

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