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Dieter Schüno, Germany, born 1940


Dieter Schüno was born in 1940 in Germany. He grows up in a post-war scenario and longs for peace, freedom and democracy. From the age of 18, he spent eight semesters studying graphic arts, painting and interior design at the Landeskunstschule Mainz with further studies at home and abroad.

"My most basic role model is the earth"


Painting was and is anchored as an automatism in Dieter Schüno. Enjoyment of life, humor, whims and emotions influence his artwoks. Each picture is a diagram of the sensitivities of his soul.

The abstract landscapes are creations from the subconscious.


"Ratio remains outside"




The recent work of Dieter Schüno arrouse the fantasy of the spectator, they mirror a world in which the moments are caught.


Since 2006 Dieter Schüno both lives and works in Mallorca, the light and mild conditions on the island are clearly reflected in his work, which appears gentle to the sould of the spectator.

Dieter and I have been good friends here in Mallorca since many years. I have held Laudations on his work at exhibitions and I have represented him in my collection before, a collaboration which he has now recently returned to. THIS has made me very glad and humble towards the task which lies ahead!

Karl Maria Kinsky

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