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Christa Friedl

My preference has always been to express my feelings and impressions trhough drawing and painting. I attended the artistic community college in Vienna and took part in advanced courses of European and American artists, to expand my artistic perspective. Intensiv study with Prof. Albert Hoffmann.

Living part of the year in Europe (Vienna) and part in the US (Florida) I try to express the beauty that I see around me. The excitement of the change of seasons and the elusiveness of nature are what inherently draw me to paint plein air landscapes. To catch a special moment of a day is an on-going exploration of emotion and mood, of color and light during my painting process. I am not afraid of trying new things and seeing each painting as an opportunity explore. Plein air painting is a wonderful way to be outside and to be totally connected to the subject. But I also enjoy studio painting.

I believe that a successful painting has a certain rhythmic and lyrical quality. I want my paintings to be an authentic expression of my heart and brain connection that comes through my creative process.


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