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Welcome to our artist in residence program for Berlin!

Berlin is not only the city capital of Germany, it is the vibrant heartbeat of Germanies art scene.

All mayor galleries and museums are based in berlin, such as the Guggenheim museum, operated by Deutsche Bank and international auction houses like Sothebies are also found in the cities center (Mitte). In Germany it goes without saying that as an artist you should be represented in some shape or form by an entity in Berlin.

All the more reason for artists to join our A.I.R. program, and dip into the feeling of being a Berlin based artist for 4 weeks.

During your stay in our beautifully designed artsy appartment based in Prenzlauer Berg, you will be creating art influenced by your direct experience with the city and its people. Your work will then be curatated by atKinsky die Sammlung Kinsky and added to its exhibition schedule.

What you need:

1. Material

All artists are required to bring their own materials in order to achive the goals set by atKinsky die Sammlung Kinsky`s A.I.R. program.

AtKinsky will help you find the best places to get your materials.

2. The Appartment is fully furnished and provides all your daily needs.

You must leave the appartment the way you found it. If you use any of the stock in the appartment you should replace it with new stock, so the next artist has an equally great experience like you are having.

3. You are required to create a minimum of 1 large painting approx. (100x100cm), 4 middle sized paintings approx.  (60x60cm) and 5 small paintings approx.  (40x40cm) (Sculptures discussed with atKinsky individually). All the paintings will be curated and paintings chosen for exhibition, the collection or representation by atKinsky will be forwarded to our gallery in spain. Works we do not exhibit or represent are free for you to take away with you when you leave.

What you get:

1. Appartment

Our Appartment is in the top floor of a newly renovated but original german architecture house from 1928. It consists of a large living room (live and work), bathroom with bathtub, large kitchen and a small terrace. (central heated). The light in the appartment depends on the weather and in Berlin it is typically either very bright, or pitchblack :-). The city has its very own light surroundings and you will quickly realize that it will reflect into your work and make it a unique experience to paint there. 

The Appartment is yours for 4 weeks.

2. We curate and exhibit your work in our gallery in Porto Cristo, Balears, Spain. It will be in a group exhibition with other artists we represent.

3. You will be certified for your stay and can use the details of your A.i.r. Residency in your Vita.

4. Provided that you are a master of fine art, you will be offered the unique experience of being represented by atKinsky die Sammlung Kinsky as Agents and Gallerists for your work internationally

What we get:

1. The Comission on sales of your artwork through AtKinsky die Sammlung Kinsky is 50% including taxes. (all work (if sold) which we will exhibit and represent)

2. A small work will be kept by atKinsky die Sammlung Kinskys private collection. (also publically mentioned)

3. To find out the arrangement regarding your stay at our Berlin Art Appartment, send us a message below.

To book your unique experience with atKinsky die Sammlung Kinsky in BERLIN - click here

ATKINSKY die Sammlung Kinsky 

Karl Maria Count Kinsky and Anni Fuchs are owners of atKinsky die Sammlung Kinsky which also hosts the Palma Hat Week Exhibition and Competition

Karl Maria Count Kinsky

Owner - Collector - Palma Hat Week


Anni Fuchs

Owner - Collector - Artist Management


Judith D. M. Kinsky

art director - curator


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