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Svetoyara Rysenko


Story of my art life started from childhood. I drew everywhere and by everything i had in my arms. At 6 years started to visit lessons with professional teacher and Artist. Participated in dozens of competitions and exhibitions. The dream of childhood - to become World Known Artist and step by step Universe giving me opportunities.

My paintings are in private collections around the world. Giving a warmth and light to hearts of owners.

Art is my life. In each of painting there are part of my soul, which is so hard trying to bring the Beauty in this World. To make people happier. Show the beauty of Nature around us, show the Beauty of World, which is so great and incomprehensible. To bring the light and harmony in every house, in each family..

That is why im also teaching children to draw, as individually, so for groups, so online. I see the light in there eyes and it makes my heart melt and to breath this life deeper.


1997-98 y - Honorary Diploma for active participation in art exhibitions in 1997-98 y "Live Springs" 98g.

2000 y - Diploma for the successful participation in the urban creativity review competition "Touching the basics".

2001 y - Diploma Assembly Member Crimean Small Academy of Arts and crafts.

2001 y - Diploma at the end of the republican contest "Draw at world of peace"

2001 y - Diploma for RDKP worthy representation at the national and municipal review competitions creativity in 2000-2001.

2001 y - Certificate of completion of passage 1 of the competition XXIX International Exhibition of Art "Lidice 2001", and the direction of the painting to the Czech Republic.

2001 y - Certificate of completion of passage 1 of the VIII International Competition "IE-NO-HIKARI" and working in the direction of Japan.

2001 y - Diploma of exhibitor figure Biennale "Crimea-2000" for the pictorial and decorative and graphic skills.

2002 y - Foundation for Economic Relations "Moscow-Crimea". The letter from the Information and Analytical Department for the stylized, graphic image.

2003 y - Certificate of participation in the contest "I, my friends and Fruttis" Company Hellas.

2003 y - Certificate Assembly member-2003 Crimean Small Academy of Arts and crafts.

2015 y - Gratitude for the help in the organization and participation in the exhibition of paintings "The Art of a Lifetime"

2015 y - Gratitude for the active participation and conduct master classes in socially significant events "Read and draw the classics."

2016 y - Participant of the IV Biennial of amateur artists of the Simferopol Art Museum

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