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...While handing over our c0ats and getting our invitations taken by charming hosts, we were then stamped and let in. Now, immediately whenyou enter you are in the very center of it all. You can head straight on or turn left and right, whereever you look and as far as the eye can see we are attracted the creme de la creme of contemporary art in europe.


as we start to walk around the fair, we see galery after galery showing only their very latest art. We see artists walking around followed by cameras and press. We meet friends and artsits we know, we chit chat here and talk about artists there. Before we know 2 hours have past.


We have passed our details to a handfull of galeries we hope to be working together with in the future. We found some art we will add to our collection and we are looking forward to coming back to this event in the future.


About ViennaContemporary;


It is aimed at new collectors, a new generation of people interested in art. Therefor the price range here is hardly ever highter than EUR 50.000,-


To us this fair hasn't lost its shine and vienna remains a place worth a visit.


Karl Maria Kinsky, September 20th 2017






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