Peggy Wauters

Peggy Wauters is a multidisciplinary artist who works across a variety of media, including sculptures, paintings, photo collages, installations and works on paper, often mixed in a way that provides a fresh view of her subject matter. Her works are exhibited globally and it is offen an anthropological study about, myths and transformations, in contrast and relation with the remains of and cultural traditions and nature.



-Plastic Arts on the institute of technical education in Aalst (Belgium)

-Ornament & Crafts at the Academie of fine arts in Aalst (Belgium)

-Monumental Arts at the Royal Academie of fine Arts in Antwerp (Belgium).


Presented by

- 100 Tonson Gallery (Bangkok) Thailand

-Light Cube Gallery (Ronse) Belgium

-Ro2Art (Dallas) USA


Solo Exhibitions

’02 – Chess – Tapper-Popermajer, Malmo (Sweden)

’03 - Tapper-Popermajer, Stockholm Artfair,Stockholm (Sweden)

’06 - Church of laak, Houthalen-Helchteren (Belgium)

’08 - 100Tonson Gallery / Myths & monstrosities, Bangkok (Thailand)

’10 - Universal Acts / Zebrastraat, Gent (Belgium)

'13 - Fotocollages, Flinxo, Gent (Belgium)

'15 - The Big Escape - Zebrastraat, Gent (Belgium)

'15 - Memories of the untold – Light cube gallery , Ronse (Belgium)

'15 - Tales from the misty fields – Ro2Art, Dallas (USA)

'16 - La Relique – Light cube gallery , Ronse (Belgium)

'17 - Microstories – Ro2Art, Dallas (USA)


Selected Groupexhibitions

’02 - Museum stadsgalerie, Gouda (The Netherlands)

’03 - Christinehof castle, Tapper-Popermajer, Brosarp (Sweden)

’04 - Galleri Frans Suel, Malmo (Sweden)

’05 - Lineart, Galerij Marc van Meensel, Gent (Belgium)

’06 - Lineart, Galerij Marc van Meensel , Gent (Belgium)

’07 - Lineart, Galerij Marc van Meensel , Gent (Belgium)

’08 - Dirty Show as Les Barany’s guest artists, Detroit (USA)

’08 - Brussels international fantastic film festival (Belgium)

’08 - Showcase Singapore, Singapore (Singapore)

’08 - Damned, as Les Barany's guest artist Detroit (USA)

’09 - Dirty Show as Les Barany’s guest artists, Detroit (USA)

’09 - Damned II , as Les Barany’s guest artists, Detroit (USA)

'09 - Lineart, Galerij Marc van Meensel ,Gent (Belgium)

’10 - Skulls Skeletons & Bones, Oostende, (Belgium)

’11 - Art Stage Singapore,100 Tonson Gallery, (Singapore)

’11 - Spiritutainment / 100 Tonson Gallery, Bangkok, (Thailand)

’11 - Lineart, Galerij Marc van Meensel ,Gent (Belgium)

'11 - Guns & Fucking Roses, Monty Antwerpen, (Belgium)

'12 - The December store, Gent (Belgium)

'12 - Lineart, Galerij Marc van Meensel ,Gent (Belgium)

'13 - Collages , Lieve Lambrecht, Merendree (Belgium)

'13 - European Triennial for Ceramics and Glass, Mons (Belgium)

'14 - Drawing + , Light Cube Gallery ,Ronse (Belgium)

'14 - Gentle War,100 Tonson Gallery, Bangkok, (Thailand)

'15 - D'art et de feu, La Borne, (France)

'15 - Une certaine idée de la céramique Belge , Musée La Piscine,

Roubaix (France)

'15 - Texas contemporary art Fair, Ro2Art, Houston, (USA)

'16 - Dallas Art Fair, Ro2Art, Dallas (USA)

'16 - So tell me your story, Light cube gallery, Ronse, (Belgium)

'17 - BAD Art Fair, Light cube gallery, Gent (Belgium)

'17 - Dallas Art Fair, Ro2Art, Dallas (USA)

'17 - Art Aspen, Ro2Art, Aspen (USA)

Peggy Wauters



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