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We believe our Artistry is meaningful because of the thoughtfulness of the artists behind them

Karl Maria Kinsky - Spain


The heir of one of austrias oldest Aristocratic Families, Kinsky von Wchinitz und Tettau, the count is an enthusiastic collector of international artistry. He is a tireless seeker of art treasures. As a patron of the arts, he significantly supports a few of the worlds most saugt after contemporary artists,


He has not actively involved himself in the dealing with any of his art till only recently when he formed "atKinsky" and decided to add some motion into his collection.Today roughly one third of the collection Kinsky is up for sale,

"at Kinsky" opens this amazing collection to the public and brings you the opportunity of owning a share in it. Exhibitions will be held from 2018.




Ernst Jockels - Germany


Dealing in the World of Art internationally for over 65 Years the Art Dealer

Ernst - Raphael Jockels in Second Generation is specialized in buying & selling the important Masters concerning Contemporary Art aswell as Major Painters of the Classical Art (19th & 20th Century back to The 17th Century) . All Works are Painted By European or American masters.


The most important Museums throughout the World Have been collecting Art through our Cooperation over decade's so it Will be a pleasure for Us to maybe Look for the right piece of Art for you & your Art Collection , perhaps . With this Site we Hope to Be able to Show a Broad Audience & anybody of Interest the exciting World of Art Dealing & we wish a Pleasant Time while exploring this Site .




Anni Fuchs- Austria


Anni Fuchs is an expert on contemporary art and classical modernism, who has more than 20 years of experience in this field. In addition to working as a director of the Ernst Fuchs Museum, she is responsible for numerous well-known collections.


Anni Fuchs represents Fuchs Contemporary in Vienna. She operates the fantastic art shop and works as curater for atKinsky and other international collections.

Ernst Jockels Anni Fuchs Karl Maria Kinsky




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at Kinsky deals with both, artists of the old school as well as, the young and wild.. You can get a quote for your artistry as well as digging into our collection for a real bargain.

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