katharina Sofie
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Katharina Sofie

My impression:

Solid, Clean work, Clear structures, there is nothing I do not like about the painting style of Katharina Sofie. I admire her art and I am happy that I am able to present her to you today!

Karl Maria Kinsky - Founder atKinsky.com - die Sammlung Kinsky


In 1986 Kathrina Sofie Baumgartner was born in Oberstdorf in the Allgäu.

Early on she discovers her great passion for art, paints and makes drawings as a self-taught artist.

In 2003, Kathrina began her full-time education as a sculptor and sculptor in Austria / Innsbruck

During this time, the first sculptural works are createdin fantastic realism

In 2007 she completes her training with an excellent trajectory of 1.0 and starts her work asindependent artist

This is followed by study trips to Paris and Florence to learn the skills of the old masters.

In 2009, Kathrina Sofie Baumgartner travels to Indonesia to learn about the techniques and secrets of Indonesian sculptors, learns wood batik and works with local woods

and tools


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Artist: Katharina Sofie Der Ursprung II 80 x 100 cm

oil on canvas    eur   38.000,-

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