Ernst Fuchs

Prof. Ernst Fuchs

Ewen Gur is a French artist with German roots, who grew up in the surroundings of Tours (Indre-et-Loire, France), a region well-known for its castles and its “art de vivre”. He started drawing at a very early age, mostly inspired by video games and French comics from the likes of Francis le Blaireau (Claire & Jake), Gai-Luron, and La Rubrique-à-brac (Marcel Gotlib) or Gaston Lagaffe (Franquin). As far as he can remember, he was always attracted by soft outlines and storytelling.


Ewen’s art is focused on black outlines; it’s very detailed and always in search of the perfect curve (the perfect “groove”, as he likes to call it), but it still looks deceptively simple. Another aspect of his art is the use of bright colors to give a ”rock’n’roll” touch to his work, and to serve as a reminder of the energy transported by the music he likes to listen to. A work by Ewen is like a typical Berlin party, it always intertwines several artistic mediums: it’s a painting with its own music score and its own dance rhythm. Music plays a large part in his creative process; it is a source of ideas and energy for Ewen, and he enjoys reproducing on canvas its inner life and rhythms – so it’s no wonder that many of his pieces bear the names of songs.


Ewen is interested in new forms of figurative expressions. His line is soft and effective, a mix between figuration as you can find in comics, and abstract elements. His paintings never lack humor, and that's the message: don’t be so serious, breathe, enjoy life and be rock’n’roll. Ewen's work depicts an urban world no longer aware of its limits, and leading itself to catastrophe. He describes the drifts and aberrations of consumerism in a humorous way, and paints the destructive foolishness of busy people addicted to fast food and smartphones. Like a child, he is fascinated by the gigantic verticality and absurdity of our world.


Ewen lives and works in Berlin, and continues to spread his motto: do your own thing, have fun – and let’s rock!

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