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Frequently Asked Questions



Q: How do i make a purchase

A: You look at what you like and purchase it directly in the online shop. We will get in touch with you to sort out the shipping. As soon as your funds have arrived we send your artistry on its way. We will sort out a nail to nail insurance of up to 100.000.000,- EUR so your shipping is safe at all times.


Q: Are there more paintings than the ones in the shop?

A: Yes we have more paintings and more artists, we simply can't offer them all at once, also some of the paintings we show can not be purchased at all.

Exhibitors & Galerists


Our work wants to be exhibited worldwide. If you operate a location or run a art galery we want to get to know you. Please drop us an E-Mail with your details. We always want to know the size of your location and how many walls you have to display (incl. size). Let us know how you feel about a partnership and what your wishes are. We look forward to meeting you.




descret collector?


If you wish to collect from our artistry descretly, let your lawyer contact our Lawyer in Berlin, Mr. Benjamin Degner. He will make sure that the transfer is made in private and without sensation. We offer full privacy to our collectors.




Valuation of artistry


At Kinsky looks back on 20 years of knowledge in the field of paintings. If you want to get a neutral quote, send us all the details and a foto min. 900x900px to preview. We will then get in touch with you and make an appointment at one of the auctioners we work with. You then have the possibility to immediatly auction your artistry or simply take it back home knowing more about it.



at Kinsky deals with both, artists of the old school as well as, the young and wild.. You can get a quote for your artistry as well as digging into our collection for a real bargain.

07500 Manacor, Apdo 281 de correos, Illes Balleares, Spain, Europe

Phone: +34 685 407 513

Delivery Worldwide


We will assist you in finding the perfect shipping solution as well as nail to nail insurance for your artistry

Return Policy


Due to the nature of this business a return of your work is only possible incase it is seriously damaged upon arrival.

24 / 7 Support


You can reach us 24/7

Follow Us


We are represented in the social media, you can follow us and get quotes much faster this way.

We Accept


We will accept all cards at a surcharge that my vary depending on the provider. we accept direct wire and paypal


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