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11 paintingFuchs in one exhibition!

Michael Fuchs

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by Christian Emil Cerny

screenprint& acrylic painting


20.9.2018 - 7.30pm

@TOPKAPI, Kohlmarkt 5, 1010 Vienna




Das Bild bewegt - Das bewegte Bild


Andrea Behn (D) / Bettina Schülke (A)

Vernissage: Freitag, 21. September 2018, 19 Uhr

Ausstellungsdauer: 22. September - 7. Oktober 2018


Zur Ausstellung: Dr. Alexandra Schantl (Landesregierung NÖ)

Öffnungszeiten: Do, Fri 17 - 20 Uhr, Sa, So 15 - 19 Uhr


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Art is the very mirror of who we are, our aspirations and hopes, our fears and struggles, our loves and hates. It reflects our inner self, our dignity and weakness, our ina- dequacies as well as strengths. But art is also a window to a world envisioned by faith alone. The world of the saints and angels, the heaven of God. It is from the Creator that we originate and have our being. And so the world of art we create, is also His gift of inspiration to us. The gift of His tender love.


~Michael Joseph Fuchs




Artist: Katharina Sofie

Title: "Zeit"

Size: 30 x 40 cm

Technique: oil on canvas

price: 5.400,- eur



Katharina Sofie


Born in Germany in 1986, Katharina Sofie has made an astonishing career, following the path of Prof. Ernst Fuchs, the most famous fantastic realist of our time, she was able to become a student of his and assist him with his oevre in Austria, painting the chapel in St. Eggid in Klagenfurt. Traveling to study arts she has become both a master of painting as well as sculpting.

Her present program reflects on 20 years of experience.

The work can be described as fantastic realism. It combines the things we understand with fiction so well, it makes even the crudest crtique feel the warmth of the mothers womb. Her work transports intensive peace and at the same time there is such an eye for detail. After years of looking at her work I still don't get tired of it. Some of what we represent, I would like to share with you today.

Karl Maria Kinsky - atKinsky die Sammlung Kinsky

Alexander Ilichev




Supantono Suwarno






atKinsky - die Sammlung Kinsky

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